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Saturday, December 1, 2012


The kids and I came down to the valley on the 12th of November.  For the week before that, our fridge broke.  We were already living without a dishwasher, so it was pretty awesome to be living old school, doing all our dishes by hand (and even boiling water some of the time) and with this for a fridge:
Here we are, loaded up for the annual migration.  I had two kids, two cats, computers and printer, and some food boxes.  Ben had the broken dishwasher and all our suitcases, along with a load of wood and the two dogs. 

There wasn't much snow on the ground, but it looked like more was coming....


Of course, Ben had to turn right around the next day and head back up since the cows were all still there.  I'd arranged to start the kids in school after Clyde's first quarter at Donnelly.  We did go up for another weekend after we left.  The weather has been so mild that the cows didn't start shipping until today.  12 loads today... hopefully Ben will be home in another week.  Next year we may just stay, snow or no, and come home with Daddy.

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