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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

We went to Janelle's for a giant Thanksgiving feast.  There were 40 people and it was an international affair.  There was an Italian family, a Congolese/Ruwandan family, another Congolese woman, a Belgian/German (if I remember correctly) family, Tyson's Thai sister-in-law, my Spanish godmother, and the rest of us mostly Scottish American folks.  It was really fun to meet everyone and the kids had a great time wrestling with Ben in the playroom.

The kids had special lunches the day before at school.  They decided to dress up:


These days that means cowboy clothes.  Alice was wearing a vest and t-shirt Mumsy got her in Jackson Hole years ago.  She was sporting a bit of a bare midriff, but told me it was OK, so I let it go.  
While they were having their Thanksgiving celebration at school, I was frantically moving all the furniture in our house with the help of some Smith cousins.  We had a lovely but rarely used guest room, so I took all the furniture out and made a play room.  That made it possible to remove most the kids' stuff from the family room.  I also made them an art space in my craft room.  Still haven't quite gotten everything back together, but I'm getting close.

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