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Friday, January 13, 2012

Of ostriches and lawnmowers....

Alice has been diligently building her ostrich nest for the past few weeks.  No ostriches have come to inhabit it yet, but she plugs away. 

Clyde loves to build things out of random trash we save for him.  Here he built a lawnmower (Mommy helped with the axle).  He is prolific and creative.  Every once and a while we have to cull his creations because they are taking over.  He absolutely loves to make things.  He told someone "I'm really into art." He'd heard me saying that about him to other people and he adopted it right away.  He loves cutting with scissors, drawing monsters, using amazing amounts of glue, tape and paper.  He's very good about putting marker caps back on and taking care of his things.

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