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Friday, January 13, 2012

An Academy Christmas

The kids' school (Montessori Academy) put on a Christmas program with a potluck after.  They picked out what to wear.  I tried to get Alice to wear one of her Christmas dresses but as soon as she saw her purple velour dress I couldn't convince her to wear anything else (even though it had a little hole in the back).  But, with her boots I thought it was actually kind of cute, plus the color was a good match for Clyde's shirt.  He's growing out of all of his pants now so he was sporting the highwater look (I've since given this pair away). 

It was awfully chilly outside (15 or so) but I had to get one photo with the nice light on the hills. 

Here they are lined up for the "candy cane shuffle" which their classes did together:

Alice - ack!  What are you doing?

Then Alice just can't stand the discordant singing (the teachers said she covered her ears every practice too).  She actually loves singing and music so I guess it was a quality issue... 

Clyde with the Clyde paper doll he made:

Alice in front of her paper doll:

 And the best part of the day, having Daddy come to school:

He also brought two pans of fresh rolls which were very appreciated by all the families.  It was a fun day.  Not long after this, we got sick.  The kids missed the weeks of school before and after the Christmas break.  It was a long month!

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