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Friday, January 13, 2012

Big kid bike....Christmas morning

The night before Christmas, Aunt Shelley and Uncle Bryan came by with their gifts.  Alice got a set of four pair of princess shoes and Clyde got a homemade monster based on his drawings and some t-rex jammies.  Here they are getting ready to go to bed and listen for Santa's reindeer:

Alice has on her new princess shoes and Clyde's in his superman jammies, complete with underwear on top!  Here they are the next morning, waiting at the top of the stairs to go down and open their presents:

 Clyde got a big kid bike that had to be tested in a quick race....

Alice got a baby doll with a high chair.  She also got a jar full of raspberries and strawberries that she had asked Santa for.  She wolfed it down in no time.

Clyde was enthralled with Christmas.  For Alice it was fun, but just another day. 

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