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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Last Days at the Donnelly Cabin & The First Turkey Harvest

We really enjoyed our cabin in Donnelly, but now Harry's house on the ranch is fixed up for us, so we've moved up to the ranch. The last days were spent packing and organizing, but we managed to spend some more time in the great yard (and Daddy's green pickup). We also killed a turkey on our last day there. It was the smallest one and I think it weighed in about 11 pounds or so based on the cooking time. Alice is a little more of a climber than Clyde. She figured out how to get out of the "childproof" fence right at the end. I think she was going over the gate and then she'd climb up the outside and get up on top of the fence, but I never actually caught her in the act so I don't know. In the tree climbing picture, I actually put Clyde up in the branch. They couldn't really climb any higher than Alice was on their own.

We bought a turkey fryer to serve double duty as a scalding pot for when we harvest the turkeys. You dunk them in scalding water after they've bled out and before you pluck them. Ben did all the cleaning work and said it really wasn't that bad.

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