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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Fire Season

We had a scare when a range fire burned right up through some of the lots across the street from our new home in Eagle. Here's the view from Willow Creek Rd. north of Eagle... our house is just over that first sagebrush hill...

The next photo is the view from our front door just about, the concrete is our drive. This is about two weeks after the fire so the black isn't quite so dramatic as it was.

For the last four days or so the Hurd Fire on West Mountain has been burning about 6 miles or so from our house up here (but across a lake so definitely no worries). Fire is just a fact in Idaho, but still scary sometimes! This fire isn't a big one but you can see they've set up a pretty big tent city to accommodate the nearly 600 guys working on the ground to get it out. The encampment is just across from Mumsy's Raspberry Ranch so when we went to pick berries we got to watch a lot of helicopter action.

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