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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Alice's Birthday and Family Reunion

We celebrated Alice's 2 years and got together for our annual family vacation/reunion last weekend. We used to do a big trip every year, but now all of the kids and pregnancies have made it easier to get together close to home. Alice, Clyde and Elliott shared a room and I think they had a lot of fun (I could hear them giggling for quite a while). Alice got an adorable red cowboy hat and outfit from Mumsy (procured in Jackson Hole). She also got the pretty dress with the blue flowers from Mumsy ("Alice Blue Gown" inspired). I made her a funny patchwork hippy purse. Janelle's family got her a great puzzle and Catherine got her two cute dresses. Ben and I had to go to Jen King's wedding, so we missed Saturday night which was a campfire and raspberry picking. There was also hiking/huckleberry foraging (not too successful), horseback riding, a ride in Gayle's houseboat, playing in the kids' playhouse, swimming in Mumsy's natural hot water hottub, Alice's birthday celebration, a dinner with Jock's family, and a lot of boisterous drum playing.

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