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Friday, December 19, 2008

Getting ready for Christmas

Daddy (I call him Dah-ee) got some boxes from the basement and brought in this tree that Mumsy brought from the ranch. Inside the boxes were all these little toys with strings on them.

Mommy put them on the tree and Daddy put on some lights.

My sister and I put on some plaid outfits and went to see this man in a red suit. I didn't like him. Mommy said he had a beard like Daddy, but it was all white and he was kind of scary.

Everyone said we were really cute -- don't they know we always are!!!

Mommy says this is all for Christmas. When is that? She says I can open some of the boxes under our tree then too. Christmas sounds like it might be fun.


  1. You guys are super cute. If it makes you feel better, none of my kids have been happy to see Santa.

  2. Oh- your kids are so cute! Alice is getting so big! I love the plaid outfits!