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Thursday, March 26, 2009

We're growing up!

We are getting so big!! I can run and jump (yump) and my baby sister (Daddy calls her Gertie, Mommy calls her Alice and I call her Baby Neenya) can roll and roll. She can get anywhere like that. Here are some photos of us so you can catch up:

Baby neenya spoon.

Baby dress (Alice in her Mumsy and GrandNell's clothes).

Clyde, mummy (mumsy)

Clyde baby chair.

Baby (Mommy says that's real Belgian lace from Susan Meuleman and Alice is sitting with Susan's sister Ramona - aren't they pretty!?)

Clyde eye

Baby, hat (Clyde's hat made by cousin Maegen).

Clyde, baby, yiper.

Unka, unka.
(Uncle Richard and Uncle Jeremy made this hole into a cabinet for mommy's printer and now Clyde thinks uncle means hole...)

Baby (mommy says this is one of her favorites).

Clyde hammy, baby chair.

Apple, baby neenya apple, baby apple bite.

Train, Clyde train, my train (in other words, I don't remember saying I wanted to share my train, people!!!)

Big hammy, big daddy hammy, big hammy, owie...

Hammy! (Clyde can make a hammer out of anything!)

Clyde, hat (Future Boise Brave???)

Baby eat (Baby says geez mom, can't you tell I hate these?).

Baby neenya.

Clyde slide. (He also likes the "wing")


  1. Alice is so big. I can't get over their cuteness. I think Alice looks a bit like me.

  2. I love that Clyde just decided on his own name for Alice instead of going with his parents' options!

  3. Your kids are so cute. I love the pictures of them in the old clothes. Alice has the best smile ever!