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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Trips to the mountains...

I got to go up by the mountains to my Mumsy and my Grandpa Harry's a lot this September. Dad is working with my Grandpa now so sometimes we go stay at the ranch. It was colder up there. We went to mom's cousin David's wedding. It was really pretty, but I had to sit still for a long time. After, I was dancing with the girls. I was pretty popular! My Mumsy had a lot of her cousins come visit at Raspberry Ranch so we stayed with her for a whole week.

Mom and dad took me to a mountain lake for a picnic. I had fun climbing the rocks.

My Mumsy has lots of hats that I got to play with. Here I am in my own cowboy hat:

Lookin' pretty good, don't you think?

Here's one of the craziest hats I've seen. It had hair kind of like Mom's...

Mumsy has a special wooden horse that rocks for me and my cousin Elliott. I got right on and rode it. Mom was surprised, but I really got her when I started trick riding:

I was so good at that, they let me try the real thing and I loved it.

On another trip to McCall, Mom and I went to the lake. The first time we went there were lots of waves, but there weren't any this time. I just walked right into the lake, but Mom made me come out because it was too cold.

I really like going to the mountains.

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