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Saturday, October 11, 2008


We went to the zoo because they got some new animals and my dad (and Uncle Josh) made some cool benches to go with them. Here are the benches:

There were some cool elephants, but they didn't move, not even when I touched them:

You know what did move? The lion! When she saw me, she ran over and tried to give me a high five, but there was glass in the way. Mommy was kind of scared and Daddy was really surprised. They said that lion wanted to eat me! Another animal that moved pretty fast was the giraffe. It was scared of a squirrel and ran back to its barn. Here I am looking at the giraffe with my Auntie Shelley:

I like seeing all the animals and their nice new cages. There was even a little cage for me:

But I don't have to go to a zoo to see animals. Our neighbors got about thirty chickens. Mom thinks that's too many. Here they are, trying to come into our yard...

It took a week or so, but they finally figured it out:

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