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Saturday, October 11, 2008

People just love babies!

People must really like little babies. After we brought the baby home from the big brick building, a lot of people came to visit us, and a lot of them brought pink stuff. You wouldn't believe how many dresses and girl clothes my sister got. I'm so glad I'm a boy! We visited lots of people too, like my Great Granddad Hiatt:

We also went to see another new baby, my cousin Nora. She and Alice and almost exactly the same size. My cousin Opal is good at holding babies. Here she is with Alice:

I like visiting cousins. Their houses are fun. I got to play the piano at Aunt Julie's.

Babies are OK most the time, but boy can they be noisy:

I have my own baby that I take care of, but she's a lot quieter than my sister. Mom says I'm a very good big brother (except when I play too hard with Alice).

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