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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Party Time

Ben had been talking about wanting to try to cook a whole steer, and it was coming up on our 10th anniversary (November 19) so we decided to have a party.  Since we'd be cooking outside and having a big group I decided we should do it early, so we set on September 20.  We decided to try cooking a pig instead of a steer (someday we'll try it!).  We bought a big pig at the fair, too big.  Then we got a littler guy closer to the day, and we got a "China Box" to cook him in.  Over 100 people joined us.  Sherry did the decorations and it was so much fun.  We had live music, food by Amy, and kids were just running around crazy all over the place.

We agreed we wouldn't do another party this big for at least ten years, but we will someday cook a whole steer!

Mumsy of course was the brave one who ate the tail.

Elliott with charcoal face paint

Ben and Al getting ready to dig in to the pig

The China Box gets lit

Flower arrangements by Sherry and Carrie and the kids.  Sherry rolled her car on the way up and we were so happy she was OK.  Her dad gathered wild sunflowers for us which combined with some roses and foliage from Carrie's turned out beautifully.

The deck was the stage.  

The piggy packed and ready to go.  It spent the night in the bathtub on ice!
The dance floor was set up a few days ahead and Alice danced and danced and danced.

A rare gathering of all three of us girls. 

We got a tent in case it was cold.  It was amazingly beautiful weather so it was great for shade.

Calf roping - kids also petted the calves and horses, played in the ditch, swang on the swings.  It was a wild night, and Charlie and Ben shut it down drinking whiskey at the campfire.

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