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Sunday, January 4, 2015

End of summer 2014

We started to notice the days getting shorter, and the sunsets getting earlier.  Sunsets are so wonderful out here.

We bought a pig and a lamb at the county fair.  We kept the pig and had to feed it thinking we'd cook it at a party, but we just wound up butchering it in the end because it was so big and getting a smaller pig to cook whole. 

Clyde and Alice went with me on the four wheeler to open a gate and push the cows through it. 

We built a new fort where my fort stood so many years ago.  We first excavated the location and all we found were some sap balls and one red button to show that it had once been "occupied" by me and my siblings. 

Alice at Heritage Park.

Alice at Roseberry Ice Cream Social, fitting in with the folks who dressed up old fashioned.

Clyde caught lots of fish this summer.  It's so great he can do it all himself!

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