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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Work Day - So Happy to See the Sun

We've been meaning to head out to help Daddy, but it's been so rainy.  But last Saturday, it was a perfect day.  

Mommy drove the tractor for the first part while Daddy and the kids fed.  Jigsaw and Petey came along for the ride.  Poor Petey just got fixed, but it did wonders for his aggressiveness.

Clyde's getting to be a pretty good helper.

Alice walked out and checked on a brand new calf (just behind her head in the photo).  It's ear was moving she said so it must be OK.

Alice and Daddy drove the tractor while Mommy fed the last of the hay with Clyde.  See that - she can still do it.  

All done feeding... now for the hard part...  Daddy sure can throw those bales!

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