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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

February 2014

Blah..... that's how I feel about February generally.  It's cold.  We're calving.  We're feeding.  This February we had some record setting rain falling on top of the frozen ground.  So we spent a lot of time shoveling snow and then diverting floodwaters.  It was a hard month for homeschool.  Too much time inside and just sort of hit a wall.

 But, on the bright side, the kids did really well in their weekly swim lessons with Mickey - thank you Mumsy!  And, they started piano lessons and they really took to it!

The month started off with bare ground and cold temperatures... one night the sky looked like it was on fire.  We love our sunsets here in Eagle.

 We got to spend time with our Hanson and Jones cousins.  Cassidy and Coltin joined us for STEM Day at BSU which was awesome.  My kids were excited to get to "go to college" for the day.

We got some pretty good snow.

We tested out some building techniques we learned at STEM Day on our cousin Ellie. 


We met our friend Heather for lunch and headed to the "Pop Up Park" at Edwards Greenhouse.  It was warm and bright with wonderful grass and flowers - a great contrast to the mucky February outside.

For Valentine's Day we had a special breakfast, lunch with Mumsy and Aunt Shelley and triple fondue for dinner, two cheeses and chocolate.  We did some Valentime's crafts along with our Olympics crafts.  The kids loved learning about the Greek Gods and the Olympics.

We went to zoo and got to see a baby anteater!

Here's Alice waiting for Clyde's piano lesson to finish so she can have her turn.  She's reading a "Jack and Annie" book (officially known as Magic Tree House books).  She'll sometimes read two of these in a day.  The piano teacher is Mrs. McKee at Harmony Ranch in Eagle.  She actually knows some of Ben's relatives just by coincidence.  She's very good, formal and strict which we needed since I'm such a loosey-goosey homeschool teacher.

Well, I started this off an a kind of negative note, but looking at the photos, it looks like a pretty good life all the same.  

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