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Thursday, January 2, 2014

June 2013

We continued to do our trial month of homeschool, made crystals and homemade charcoal for drawing. We also started attending the Donnelly Library "Dig Into Reading" summer program.  Midas Gold visited and then Clyde wanted to go panning for gold so we did over on the Stringer Place - no gold, but did collect some cool rocks!

We went to Jemima Davis's funeral and had some of her famous cooler.

 My Christmas present - a wall tent - was delivered and erected.

Clyde had an ear check up.  He's lost both tubes and for now they think it looks like he's outgrowing the need for them.  Yeah!

We saw baby bluebirds in a fencepost on the Stringer Place and watched the sheep pass through.

Clyde caught "a such a big fish"!  And, he got to walk with the other kindergarteners in the Montessori Academy kindergarten graduation.

Our Rydalch cousins visited, and even did school with us, and there was a double rainbow while they were here.

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