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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Viva Las Vegas!

Mommy flew away on an airplane to see her friends in Las Vegas! 

I joined six girlfriends from college at the Bellagio for three nights.  Robyn came from L.A., Suzie from Berkeley, me from Idaho, Kate from San Antonio, Laura from Louisville, Alice from Durham and Melissa from Atlanta.  We spent a lot of time poolside, got our spa treatments, saw a terrible show (Cee Lo Green), and enjoyed dinners together. It was wonderful to see everyone and catch up.  We'd spent years apart, but we just melted right back into our friendships from college.  Once you've lived with people, I think you always maintain a close relationship.   
 Ten minutes after I landed, Ben called to let me know that he had nearly cut his thumb off.
I thought he meant the whole thing, but when I got home it was the tip of the thumb.  The bone was smashed, the nail had broken off, and he had twelve stitches, some under the nail.  His back is still sore so it's been a bad spring for his body.  Our minds struggled too with worrying about things like whether we could balance working for dad, the kids' schooling, and our relationship.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised that on the same year I was meeting my friends in Vegas for our 40th birthdays I should be going through somewhat of a midlife crisis, but not the sports car kind!

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