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Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Mumsy came over for Easter to decorate eggs.  She brought the children baskets full of beautiful clothing.  The day before we had an Easter Egg Hunt with our Rydalch cousins and friends.  Grandpa Rydalch moved to Nampa into Daddy's old blue house so he's closer by now.  Mumsy and Papa Gayle decided to get divorced this spring.  Mumsy was in the opera Pagliacci with her friend Christopher playing the clown.  It was really interesting to watch and then we had dinner with Mumsy, Adelia and cousin Jackie. 
We changed Clyde and Alice from 5 and 3 days of school to 4 for both of them.  On Wednesdays, Mumsy takes them to swim lessons at the Grove Hotel with Mr. Mickey.  We meet her at the Plaza Grille at the Owyhee Hotel and Mommy can get work done and have lunch with friends while we're with Mumsy.  Mumsy moved into a beautiful condo on the 6th floor of the Royal Plaza building.  We love the elevator!
On Spring Break we got to sleep in so many days.  We went to Givens Hot Springs with Daddy and Mommy.  That helped Daddy's back.

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