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Friday, January 18, 2013

A Real Vacation - 7th installation

Day 11- L.A. to Madera

We left Anaheim as the sun rose over Disneyland.

We stopped for breakfast in Santa Clarita after braving all the L.A. traffic which though worse in the other direction was still pretty gnarly around the interchanges.  The Central Valley was amazing, mile after mile after mile of nut and fruit trees interrupted only by vineyards.  After an hour or so we had figured out how to distinguish between almond and pistachio trees.  Midafternoon we arrived at our friends' house.  They've bought Harry's calves for years and years, so we planned to stay and see last fall's calves and the rest of their operation.  Clyde elected to stay home and play legos.  Alice, Ben and I headed out and saw the almonds and grapes. 

Day 12 - Visiting the Calves

The next day, Ben headed out early to see a couple ranches while we played in a park.  In the afternoon, we all headed out and it was beautiful, crisp and cold, but the grass was green.  The calves were happy, running around with their tails up and their bellies full.  There were a couple of wonderful old farmhouses and we picked oranges at one.  

It's surprising to me every time I see these ranches how few trees and shrubs there are, just solid green grass growing.  

Day 13- The Long Road Home

We left early and planned to just get as far as we could.  Luckily Donner Pass was clear of snow, so we made it to Winnemucca in the early afternoon. We decided to press on and made it all the way home.  The kids were troopers.  It was a long long day (13 hours).  It was wonderful to get home and sleep in our own beds at last!

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