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Friday, January 18, 2013

A Real Vacation - 6th installation

Day 8 - La Jolla R&R

We slept in and headed out to the beach once it was warm enough. Clyde and I started a castle then Ben and Alice joined in.  We would up with a full manor complete with corral, hay stack, crops, guard tower, jail.... etc.  It was pretty awesome.  The kids enjoyed kicking around in the ocean, but it was much to cold to swim.

After getting good and cold at the beach, we went swimming in the pool which is kept toasty warm.  Sheila came to see us which was so wonderful.  It was a great day.  Mumsy to us to the Hotel del Coronado for dinner.

Day 9 - San Diego to L.A.

We spent the morning at La Jolla.  I got a massage and the kids played in the room.  We got all packed and hit the road for Anaheim.  I was surprised by how large Camp Pendleton was and we also saw a nuclear power plant on the way.

We ate lunch in Oceanside at the 101 Cafe.  When we got to Anaheim, we checked into the Paradise Pier Hotel at Disney.  We had a great view over the park and headed to bed early.

Day 10 - Disneyland

We got up early and had breakfast in the hotel... Mickey, Pluto, Daisy Duck and Stitch were there!  Of course we had no idea who Stitch was, but it was still fun.  Alice was intrigued.  I had to bribe Clyde to stop saying everything was fake.

We headed over to the park for the "magic hour" before it's open to the public. Of course all the other Disney hotel guests got in early too, so we weren't alone but it was really nice.  Alice absolutely loved Disneyland.  She loves fast rides.  She loves the Disney Princesses.  She was in heaven.  

In front of Sleeping Beauty's castle.

The S.S. Columbia.

Clyde loved his Jedi Training Academy.  He is so into Star Wars after his friend Will's birthday and this was amazing for him.  He fought Darth Vader (Alice cried a little when he came out).  

My camera suffered a fall at the Safari Park, so I had to rely on my phone and I'm surprised I got any photos at all!

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