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Monday, June 4, 2012

Unpredictable Weather

Yesterday was a beautiful day.  The kids headed out to irrigate with their dad.  Later Clyde said, "We didn't even help him, Mommy.  We just played."  This afternoon, a dramatic storm came in.  It was beautiful to watch the clouds coming across the mountains and up the valley.  It started to get pretty windy with lightning, and then it started hailing.  The hail was huge!  It sure made a racket on our metal roof.  The hailstones were about ping pong ball size.  After it stopped, we grabbed some out of the yard.  It had rained on them and they'd already melted some.  A lot of them shattered on impact with the ground, but some were still pretty round and some even tear shaped.  No major damage, but our turkeys got pretty wet and we had to bring them in to warm them up and dry them off.

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