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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Good Kids and Cowboy Clyde

Everyday you love your kids, but today my kids were so great!  I had to help with the cows in the corral for a bit and they entertained themselves and stayed safe.  They each read me a short (and very easy) book this morning. They made "explosions" out of little pom poms and paper towel rolls.  Clyde taught Alice how to sweep: "First you make a pile and then you sweep it into the pan."    It was a really good day with them.

When I told the kids we were headed to the corral, they had to get their gear on.  Clyde loves his Wranglers!  The light was great and it was one of those days where the pictures turned out as great as the actual day. 

Two days ago, Clyde lost his first tooth.  It was loose for a couple weeks and he finally told Ben it was time to pull it.  He's so excited.  "Mommy, I don't even have to brush here now!"

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