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Monday, April 23, 2012


We are blessed in this family to have a little of everything: a girl and a boy; a blond and a brunette; one with clear blue eyes and one with big brooding brown eyes; and two kids who approach things in a fundamentally different way.  Witness the paint trays (this is after painting).... part of it might be the age difference but most of it is just Alice and Clyde.

Clyde carefully chooses each color and washes his brush each time.

With equal concentration and enjoyment, Alice always wants to see what happens when you mix it all together. 

I took these pictures on St. Patrick's Day actually.  We've been painting probably once every two weeks.  Alice loves to use the "dot work" (paint daubers) at school and brings home a piece of artwork nearly daily.  Clyde loves cutting and pasting and taping to make things. 

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