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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Shearing Time Again

We headed out to our friend's place in Letha for shearing again this year.  Last year when we tried to go Clyde was so sick we wound up turning around and going to urgent care, so making the trip this year reminded me how thankful I am that we haven't been too sick this year.  It was a wonderful sunny day.  They thought they'd get 850 ewes sheared that day out of about 8000 total.  It's an amazing thing.  The traveling shearing crew has a semi trailer that you can see in the first picture where all the shearing takes place.  There are 5-6 guys in there shearing at a time.  It has a chute that brings sheep in and trap doors kind of on the back where they put the sheared ones into a separate pen.  At the end of the trailer you can see the baler for the wool.  In the middle is the sorting table where the wool is graded and separated into different stacks for baling.  You can really feel the lanolin in the wool, it's pretty greasy. "Aunt" Shelley came with us this year so there's actually a Mommy photo too!

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