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Friday, March 23, 2012

Little Readers

I was at a curriculum night at the kids school and a parent volunteer from Clyde's class said he'd been reading to her.  I had no idea he was trying to read, so I was a little surprised (and slightly embarrassed for being out of touch).  I asked him if he could read and he said no.  Then I got out the "BOB Books" which are super easy beginning readers and sat down with him.  He carefully and deliberately sounded out, "S-a-m.  M-a-t.  S-a-m s-a-t."  Pretty soon Alice picked up on and started reading it fluently, "Sam sat on Mat."  It was astounding to me.  Clyde is a lot further along in terms of phonics and understanding, but Alice is actually reading.  I couldn't believe it.  She's very excited about reading.  I'm so happy to have readers.  Reading has been a constant in my life.  Books have been my friends.  Even in college and law school when I was swamped with required reading, I read lots of books for fun.  It's wonderful to think of my kids being able to share in my joy of books. 

I love their Montessori school.  Here's Alice, looking like a little scholar, studying the life cycle of frogs.  Two weeks ago I would've thought she was totally pretending to read that book, but now I don't know!

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