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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Trip to the Capitol & Clyde's Checkup

Yesterday we went for Clyde's annual Cleft Palate Clinic.  We saw the plastic surgeon, dentist & hygienist, audiologist, clinical psychologist (new addition to the team), and speech therapist.  Clyde weighed in at 39 pounds and was 43 inches tall.  He's doing very well across the board.  The only problem was that in his left ear he can't hear sounds above 6000 hertz.  Those apparently are well above human speech and he can hear them in his other ear, so not a huge issue, but we're going for further testing.

After the Clinic, we decided to stop at the Capitol building.  I hadn't seen it since the renovations, and it looks great.  The kids loved the rotunda, but their favorite was the cannon. 

Watch out world.... in her own words, "I'm Alice Big Governor!"  The kids got to meet Governor Otter, Controller Jones and see our cousin, Lt. Governor Little.  I was explaining how they were doing important business making laws in the House chamber.  Then Ben said, "Isn't that Abraham Lincoln?"  Turns out we were there for Lincoln Days. 

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