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Monday, February 6, 2012


We've been working on some projects.  The most fun one is our new playhouse.  Uncle Josh put windows and a door on one of our sheds.  Then he sided the bottom half.  Now we're painting the interior.  The kids helped me paint one wall the other day.  Other than a bad paint incident involving Alice's hair, it went smoothly.  It's actually light blue, but looks white in the photo.  We're planning on painting a tree and some grass/hills also.  We'll see.

Today's project was a new dress (actually a pinafore) for Alice.  I had 2 or three of these when I was in preschool and I wore them all the time.  It's great because there are no fasteners, it slips on and you get two different looks since it's reversible.  Alice loves the heart pockets which seemed like a fun thing to do since it's almost Valentine's Day.  One side is brown with white and pink daisies and the other side is actually a pink dictionary print.  I made it without a pattern and it actually fits pretty well and only took one afternoon to make. 

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