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Friday, January 13, 2012

Alice's First Haircut

For a while now, I've been thinking I should trim Alice's hair but she didn't want it cut, so I didn't push it.  Yesterday I was cutting Clyde's hair and she wanted a haircut too.  I was actually a little sad to cut off her baby curls, but they got awfully tangly, so it was a good thing.  There was a lot of fidgeting, so it got a little shorter than anticipated.  I'm debating cutting bangs, but I think I've decided to just let them grow out.  Here it is right after, later that day, and the next day.... followed by a Christmas photo for reference to the long hair.  She's such a pretty girl that her hair doesn't even matter, but I've always really been into hair so I keep overthinking it.  So much easier to take clippers to a boy's head than scissors to a girl's. 

Speaking of haircuts, I haven't had one since October 2010. I just measured it and the longest part is 23 inches. It's still really healthy since I don't do anything with it, but I'm starting to have to braid it each night like the mom on Little House on the Prairie and that's just weird.

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