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Monday, February 27, 2012

Babies, Babies, and Baby Showers

We've been getting a lot of these new babies at the ranch:

And two of my dear friends are expecting their own babies, so I've been doing a lot of showering, which means a lot of baking, cooking and crafting. 

I made two of these "fabric beachballs" - one with stars and a multicolor animal print, the other with brown and green animal prints.   They were pretty easy and a good toy/decoration combo.  We decorated my mother's front entry with some vintage baby clothes:

 I made a diaper cake for the first time... there are about 100 diapers in there!

Here's the other beachball and the lion cake.  I "invented" a new mode of cake decorating, cute and less labor intensive.  I make a fondant cake topper that I simply place on top of a buttercream frosted cake.  I painted a lot of the pieces with gel food color thinned with vodka.  It worked really well.  You could even reuse the topper.

For the other shower, I also added marshmallows for texture and then even used them instead of a piped border to "caulk" the line between cake and plate.  

So excited to meet the new babies and I hope they aren't too much like this:

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