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Friday, January 13, 2012

Rewinding.... Migrating South

So, it's been a while... we've moved, done the holidays, been sick, built a fence and run out of data.  But I'm back now and here to document a crazy two months.

First, the kids and I headed down to Eagle.  It was a beautiful drive thanks to the newfallen snow.  We were glad to get home ahead of the inevitable winter storms that have actually never materialized in Valley County.  Ski resorts up there are barely open and  Bogus Basin still isn't.  Anyhow, the kids started back at the Montessori Academy on November 9th and made a quick adjustment back to school.  The following weekend we headed back up to Norwood and shipped the last of the calves. 

Next, Daisy came home.  We also brought the last seven turkeys home to Eagle as they weren't totally fat yet.  One by one they got given away, butchered and eaten.  The fence couldn't contain them and I was kind of scared I lost them a time or two. 

We had a nice Thanksgiving at Janelle's, but Ben was only home for the morning and then back up to Norwood.  The day after Thanksgiving we had a leftovers feast at Aunt Kristen's and Grandpa Rydalch was here from Wyoming. 

Ben finally made it home the week after Thanksgiving.  It was frigid here and at Norwood, but no more snow.

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