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Friday, January 13, 2012

"Creative Critters" Tree

We got an email that all the trees hadn't sold at the Festival of Trees gala, so when the kids and I went to see the trees we had our eyes out for one we could take home.  I was really surprised at how opinionated they were about the trees.  There was an Alice in Wonderland tree that we all hated, a couple of generic ones that I liked OK but the kids hated, and then the one we brought home, "Creative Critters" made by the nice folks at Applebees.  The kids were so excited when it got delivered.  The people who delivered it wanted photos of the excited children and of course I let them, but I was a little embarrassed at our appearance...

The kids love picking out their jammies and making new combinations.  Clyde's combo of a hand-me-down airplane tanktop with Japanese pants was a real winner and Alice's fishy top and ice cream bottom was another stellar combination.  Then there was the unkempt hair, but I'll admit it, I only do hair if we're going to school or town.  We don't exactly look like we dropped out of a catalogue, but we are still cute and we look like we're having fun and that's what's important. 

The tree had lots of cute (and some not so cute) stuffed animals all over it and skads of crafting supplies.  There were probably ten rolls of tape on the thing.  And lots of craft glue.  So we're pretty well fixed on adhesives.  Well, we were.  Clyde loves to adhere things (more on that another day). 

I took off the not so cute stuffed animals and then just put our special personal ornaments like the angel Mumsy handpainted when I was little, photos of the kids, and the Art in the Park ornaments from Aunt Shelley.  It turned out very cute!

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