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Friday, August 26, 2011

First "Family Vacation"

I'd been wanting to go see the "Bodies" exhibit at the Museum of Idaho in Idaho Falls, but when we thought about the time it would take us to get there and back we just realized we'd need 4-5 days. That wasn't going to happen. We just can't seem to get away that long. So then we decided maybe we'd charter a plane. Then I just asked my mom if she and Gayle wanted to go with us in Gayle's plane. I figured that riding in a plane would be part of the experience for the kids and then we could get there and back in essentially 24 hours.

We left Tuesday August 22nd at about 8 a.m. and had great flying weather. The kids really seemed to like being above the mountains and it was nice and clear so we could see really far. It was Alice's first It took us an hour and thirteen minutes to get to Idaho Falls. We picked up a rental car and headed to the Museum of Idaho. They took us around for a tour and gave us a wonderful lunch. The exhibit is amazing. It's real human bodies preserved through a process that essentially plasticizes them by replacing all the water with silicon. They do these really specific dissections for the different systems. The kids did get bored, but they were fascinated by the permanent displays that had a lot of mounted Idaho wildlife and a great kids' area.

After the museum, we drove around a bit and then headed to the hotel for a rest. In our hotel room, Clyde said, "I like this when we all go somewhere away from home all together." I told him, "This is what we call a vacation." It made me realize that we haven't ever gone on a vacation all four of us. By the next morning when we pulled them out of bed early to get an early start into the air, Clyde said, "I don't like vacations." So I'm glad he actually learned the new vocabulary word, but I don't really know how high a priority vacations will be in the next few years.

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