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Friday, July 29, 2011

Cartoons by Clyde and other Poopy Stuff

Clyde and Daddy were drawing cartoons the day after Jill and her dogs visited. Jill's golden retrievers, Reggie and Lola, had rolled all over in cow poop (complimentary fecal masks are always provided here)... Clyde got pretty excited about the poop theme in his cartoons. He asked me to help draw the dog and dictated the captions to me. Little boys always find poop so fascinating!

Clyde is at Mumsy Camp this week. My mom has all kinds of activities planned and when I stopped by yesterday to gather huckleberries Clyde seemed to be having a great time. Alice really wanted to go too, but we told her that only kids who use the potty can go to Camp. We're having quite an ordeal with potty training because she's totally and utterly afraid of pooping, whether in her diaper or in the toilet. We know it will pass, but it's tough to watch your child suffer so much.

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