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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

New Counters!

Our kitchen before... Dark orange walls, taupe ceiling, desk with the outlet and phone jack over 3 feet away (@#!$# - it's gone now). The tiles behind the desk and on the counters are the same. They look OK in this photo, but they were really poorly installed and had a lot of defects. The grout was originally taupe, but had been colored black (probably to hide all kinds of nasty stains). There were cracks, weird voids filled with yellow epoxy, some kind of sealant that just always looked like spilled super glue on the edges.... The black composition granite sink was scarred and had chunks out of the bottom of it. I just felt like I could never get anything clean...

After!! No more desk because our buffet fit that space perfectly and the desk wasn't very functional. Bright creamy light yellow walls and bright white trim and ceiling. Mumsy custom made the quilt to fit our wall. And the big clean bright counter just finishes it all off.

Here's the new counter partly installed. This next photo shows one of the many cracks and the bad condition of the grout:

And here's another after...

Bright & clean. I just love how a kitchen looks with nothing on the counters, but it can only stay like that if you never use it. We really use a kitchen. I'll feel a lot better eating Ben's bread when it doesn't have nasty grout kneaded into it!

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