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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Kids Rooms

I finally (almost) finished Alice and Clyde's rooms. My cousin Heather had her friend Angie paint their names. Clyde's star curtain is off his changing table and his "hidey hole" cowboy curtain was his closet in Boise. Clyde's bed came from the Cruzen bunkhouse at Norwood. His cousin Morgan painted the darling painting with a kid with a stickhorse and his name. All the quilts and pillows at the end of his bed on the floor make a little reading nook. His hidey hole is a portion of the eaves that was built out off his closet so it's a fun place to play (and no one sees the mess - yeah!).

Alice's curtain is one I bought and then shortened by adding pleats to the bottom (way more labor intensive than I anticipated) and then added the crochet trim. I still have to hang the quilt on the back of Alice's bed on her wall. The first way I tried didn't work. The baby crib was Mumsy's as a child. The bed was mine as a child. Today Alice wanted to wear her new princess dress from Kay Hardy. Looks perfect in the room! Clyde didn't want left out, "I want to wear prince clothes."

The ugly heater in Clyde's room is because his duct is not connected to the main duct. After we got a woodstove we put one in each kid's room and now we haven't had to run our HVAC hardly at all.

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