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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas 2010

"The stockings were hung by the chimney with care" and it appears that St. Nicholas most certainly was there... He must have left me that log under the tricycle because he didn't leave anything in my stocking. Thanks for the log, Santa!
Clyde and Alice and Daddy ready to come down the stairs on Christmas morning.

Clyde and his "two little swords". Last year he asked Santa for two little swords. They were remarkably similar to paint sticks and with some tape and krazy glue they lasted quite a few months, but they didn't last all year. So this year when we asked him what he wanted from Santa he said "more two little swords" which Santa felt obliged to make. Last years were yellow and blue, this year Santa went for blue and forest green.

A happy Alice with her new tricked out trike, that literally has more bells and tassles than Clyde's garden variety red one. We wound up going out and getting him a horn after Christmas so we can have traffic jams with sound on the back patio.

The aftermath... wrapping and detritus all over the living room. And then we went to Mumsy's for round 2 in the afternoon and brought home a whole other carload of presents.

The kids enjoyed Christmas this year. Clyde was really listening for Santa's sleigh bells and was disappointed he'd missed them when he woke up the next morning. They really are both great kids so I'm sure Santa will come back next year. Hopefully Clyde will want another "two little swords"... I'm afraid he will outgrow them at some point.

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