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Saturday, January 29, 2011

1st Day of School!

Alice and Clyde started at the Montessori Academy in Eagle on January 24, 2011. They were both pretty excited while we were getting packed up and heading out. When we got there, Clyde went right into his classroom no problem. They had both sat in their respective classes the Friday before for about 40 minutes while I met with an administrator. Once I put Alice in her class she was pretty upset about my leaving. Luckily we had "Baby" in the car, so I went and got her and that was enough that she felt secure with me leaving.

When I came to pick them up, they were both in Clyde's room (Alice goes to his class for the last half hour every day). The rest of the kids were doing Spanish songs, but Alice and Clyde were at a table on the other side of the room working on a nail board stretching rubberbands across it. The teacher told me that Clyde told her he didn't have to do it because he already knew Spanish. We often do Spanish time in the car, mostly just saying "arbol" each time we see a tree. Clyde also asks me how to say different words in Spansish, but it's a stretch to say he speaks at all. We have close friends who are Spanish speakers, so when I don't know a word, he says, "Just call and ask Merche or Cristina." That ususally does work.

Anyhow, as we rode home, I told Clyde that the teacher said he was smart and good. He told me "I was smart and I was good." Then I said, "Aren't you excited to learn all the things big kids know?" He responded, "Mom, they didn't even teach me to juggle." He then explained that he wants to be a clown when he grows up and not a fireman anymore.

Alice only said "They didn't call me Gertie." I didn't get a chance to talk to her teacher, so that's all I know!

On the second day of school, Clyde knocked down everyone's sand castles so his teacher talked to me about it. I talked to him and he just said, "Just stop talking about that." So I told him I would if he wouldn't do it again and so far he hasn't.

By the end of the week, the novelty of school had worn off, but they both seem to like it. Alice does seem to have made potty progress in just a few days. She was deathly afraid of the actual toilet and would straighten out her legs and scream and not even sit on it. We'd had some luck with a little potty seat. Now she's asking about the toilet and will even sit on it. Clyde's teacher has remarked twice that she can't believe how well Alice speaks. She usually uses sentences and she definitely makes herself clear.
We'll see what the future brings!

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