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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Swimming at Zim's

We took a month's worth of lessons at Zim's Hot Springs in New Meadows. The instructor was nice enough to let me have two kids in the same class. Clyde worked with her most of the time and I worked with Alice. Auntie Shelley came up this past weekend and we went up to Zim's again. It's a really funny place, hasn't been updated in ages. There's a giant pool they keep in the 90-100 range and a large shallow hot pool they keep around 105. My great great grandparents actually built the first bathhouse there in about 1905 and their photo is up on the wall still. It was called Yoakum hot springs then. It's fun to think that 6 generations of my mom's family has been swimming in the same hot springs. The kids love it.

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