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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Doctor visits...

Last week (July 12) we went to Boise for the children's annual well visits with Dr. Nasser. Alice was 28 1/2 lbs. and 35 1/2 inches (about 75th and 95th percentiles). Clyde was 31 lbs. and 38 inches (about 75th percentile for both). They are both really healthy and happy!

In June, Clyde went for his annual cleft palate clinic at St. Luke's Children's Specialty Center. He saw a pediatric dentist, an orthodontist, an audiologist, an ENT, the plastic surgeon, and the speech therapist. In the photo, the audiologist had hooked him up to a machine to see if his ears were clear of fluid. He got new semi-permanent ear tubes in January and they are supposed to last about 10 years or so. Other than the beginnings of some little cavities on his teeth, everyone said he was doing really well. He probably won't need any medical intervention until he gets his permanent teeth when he'll have some orthodontic work and get his final surgery placing some hip bone into his gum to fuse together his upper gum where it still has a notch.

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