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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sand Box

We've been planning a sand box for over a year and all that time the sand has actually been in the back of Ben's old green truck. That actually worked out really well for us. The kids loved playing in the back of the truck and we could pull it into the shop for inclement weather. Last fall I even lit the woodstove in the shop a couple times so they had a heated sand box. After Alice fell out of the boat I had visions of her falling out of the truck, so I finally dug out one part of a flower bed that was too shady for much of anything and Ben (and the kids) put all the sand in. It's great. Clyde could spend almost all day in the sand. Alice prefers her water table which she just learned she could crawl up into so that's another set of clothes every day. She really loves the swing more than Clyde ever did too. We love the back yard (and it's finally warm enough to really enjoy it)!

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