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Thursday, July 15, 2010

A good Sunday for almost everyone....

Mmmm... cherry ice cream... made for a good Sunday for Alice:

The turkeys got a new house... good for them:

And good for me... I won't have to hose more of this off the patio every day:

Here are a couple other wonderful things...

From my dad and the beautiful Emmett valley, delicious cherries:
From our yard, beautiful peonies:
It was a good day for all of us... until....
It's really not a good idea to put your head through the kid sized toilet seat... It wasn't too bad getting it off his head, but as you can see, Clyde was pretty upset about his predicament.


  1. I at least hope it hadn't been used recently...

  2. Poor boy, I have never heard of a kid trying to give himself a "swirly." That kind of thing ruins the day for anyone.