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Friday, July 2, 2010

Random Things from June....

Some old news....

Why would anyone want the inside of their house to be 120 degrees??

We capitalized on the short but abundant morel season this year and got enough to save some... our foraging will now bring us an earthy treat throughout the year.

We turned our front porch into a giant dehydrator by using a small fan and the wood stove. Ordinarily I think it's a bit odd to have the wood stove in the front porch, but for this it was perfect.

We have had some nice days, even nice enough to run through the sprinklers...

The kids also started swimming lessons. Clyde is doing really well and Alice is not afraid at all, but her ability to follow directions is a bit too limited at this point. The kids hunted mushrooms with us and spent some time on the ranch.
We put our Boise house up for sale, continued remodeling the house we got in Eagle and our niece and her new husband moved in there. We are remodeling my dad's ranch house in Lake Fork as well, so it's been a crazy time. Can't wait to be settled down again.

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