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Monday, February 18, 2008

Hawaii - January 2008

Hawaii was so warm and so green. We left Idaho very cold and totally white. Daddy had to go out and shovel snow almost every day before we left. We got to Hawaii by traveling in what seemed like a giant car, but there were so many people and quite a few babies. I had to sit in my dad's lap and it took a long long time. We sat by a nice lady who was a special nurse for babies so she was good to me. I couldn't sleep the whole way there. I didn't sleep very well in Hawaii either. It wasn't the same as home at all. But, I did get to wear shorts and go barefoot!

Check out me and Elliott in our cool shades:

We went where you could see blue all the way out. There were white parts that crashed on rocks and it was really loud. Then Daddy put my feet down and first it was wet and then it felt all weird and I was sinking. Mom thought it was funny that I didn't like the sand.

I got to hang out with my Mumsy and my cousin Elliott a lot and it was fun.

My Grandpa Gayle made some steak and it was sooo good I had to eat it with both hands!!!

Mom and Dad and I took Elliott with us one day to go see this big red canyon. It was fun. People ask if we are twins.

We went to a garden full of strange plants. This is a hala tree:

Here I am with Dad at the garden. I got sleepy.

I got sleepy in the car too. And it was so hot that my hair would be sticky and I would be dripping sweat.

Here are some pictures of the pretty scenery:

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