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Sunday, August 19, 2007

My Third Month

I just turned three months on August 15th and they say I'm growing like a weed. I weigh over 13 pounds now. I say I'm growing like a baby not a weed, but they still don't seem to understand my words even though I talk a lot.

This was a fun day. The neighbors brought their baby over to see me and Elliott.

I get to take baths again now that my face is all healed. It's fun! Mom and Dad said I look like a Jedi in my towel. I don't know what that is, but I heard them say something about special powers so I guess it's OK to be a Jedi.

One special power I have now is the power to sleep anywhere:

I just got a new chair with my name and everything and it's small enough that I already kind of fit in it. Here I am, lounging:

Here I am with my bunny again. I wrestle lots with dad, so here's a move I learned:

I'm not just bigger than the bunny now, I'm smarter too! Sometimes I help mom and dad water the garden (OK really I just go with them, but some day I'll help). We grew these tomatoes, daddy made the bread, and daddy caught the fish. The rest of it all came fresh from friends and relatives...

OK, that picture isn't nearly as great because it doesn't have a cute baby (namely me) in it, but my parents are pretty proud of their garden so I said it was OK and I'd share my blog.


  1. Steven, Kelly and Lucas AndersonAugust 20, 2007 at 9:45 AM

    What a great baby, we are so happy that that everything went so well. Crats to all three of you!!! Keep updating the blog, it is great.

  2. Hey ya, Clyde! We miss your blog updates. We really miss you and your parents. We hope to see you at Christmas time!