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Thursday, April 30, 2015

A Springy Winter 2015

We basically had no winter.  The only winter storm to hit the Treasure Valley was in November before we came down and that storm didn't hit Valley County, which is really unusual.   The kids and I went up for the Winter Carnival and were lucky we made it before all the sculptures melted.  We were only in Eagle for a few months before heading back up to Norwood where there was already no snow in March.  We even turned some water on that early!  We did some homeschool activities with Common Ground Homeschoolers including hosting a wooden spoon doll crafting day and going to a soccer clinic.  It was fun to get together with other homeschoolers but it was hard to get into school in the short time we had down in Eagle and all the moving back and forth.  It was an easy calving year with the nice weather.  We were lucky to catch a natural calf birth out in the field after a hike one day.  The children had their first piano recital and did very well.  I have so appreciated Mrs. McKee's working with our unique nomadic situation.  When we got back to Donnelly there was finally some more snow which gave the kids an opportunity to build a snowman and have some fun in the snow.  

One day Alice said, "Mommy I want to make an owl."  So we did.  That's the good part of homeschooling - doing projects and following their interests.

We managed to make it to McCall Winter Carnival before all the sculptures melted.

Hiking at Spring Valley ranch.

BSU STEM Exploration Day - constructing a catapult and exploring chromatography.

Early spring day at the reservoir.

We got to watch the cow in the middle, who is dropping her calf, from start to finish giving birth.

Two cool kids.

All dressed up for homeschool Valentine's get together.

King of the mountain.

Ranch daycare.


First recital!  They both got superior ratings from the judges the next day too.

Fractions and art

Turning water on the Stringer place in March!

First and last snowman of the year

Kitty adapting to the late spring snow

Clyde's aspen grove painting

Wildlife sighting on the way to the grocery store

Alice didn't like this trade.  I think pink might be Harry's color!

Clyde's first Rocky Mountain Oyster cooked over the branding fire

Easter Egg Hunt at the Wises

"New" tractor we bought from Mumsy.

Mrs. McKee said Alice's hibiscus clip looked cute.  Later, Alice told me, "I prefer not to be called cute."  I asked what she would prefer and she responded, "Tigerish."  Here's to my fierce, opinionated, stubborn, and delightful girl!

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