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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Our friend Eyrran

A week after Halloween, Laura got a call late on a Sunday night. It was Sherry saying that Eyrran was unresponsive and at the hospital.  She was life flighted to St. Luke's.  Laura went down to get Sherry the following day.  Eyrran was still unresponsive in PICU.  It was so sad.  The next day she was pronounced dead and the next few weeks were filled with confusion, sadness and despair for many.  Sherry had a beautiful memorial service in Donnelly.

I posted this on facebook....

It's been a tough couple of days for so many people, but I think the one thing that shows more than anything is that Eyrran's love was boundless. You would meet her once and the next time she saw you in the store she would give you the biggest smile and a hug. We first met Eyrran and Sherry at swim lessons at Zim's Hot Springs. I was so happy to make friends that turned out to be a neighbor and such a wonderful child just the same age as Alice. They have both been blessings in our lives. Eyrran made everyone in the world feel like a part of her family. We were all blessed to get to feel that way.

We'll always remember Eyrran and her bright personality!

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