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Monday, August 18, 2014

Alice is 6!

Little Marta from Sound of Music would be jealous because Alice got a beautiful parasol for her birthday, courtesy of Mumsy who always gives the most interesting gifts.  ("I'm Marta, and I'm going to be seven on Tuesday and I'd like a pink parasol.")

We had lunch at Main Street Pizza in Donnelly with the Wises, the Crocketts (plus Jack), Heather and Maria Keller (plus a cousin), Mumsy, Eyrann & Sherry, and our neighbor Carrie.  It was a nice birthday for Mommy because she didn't have to clean up.  Alice requested a six layer vanilla and chocolate (vanilla on the top layer) cake.  It was decorated with sprinkles in a star shape and turned out pretty cute.  Then everyone came home with us and played in the yard.  Mckenzie and Cassidy Crockett stayed overnight for Alice's first sleepover.  They played Legos and watched Aladdin.

Alice is beautiful, an amazing reader, a very determined little girl, a lover of movies and TV, and an absolute delight.  She is getting so grown up!

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