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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Taking the Plunge.... We Are Officially Homeschoolers

Last year, Clyde started kindergarten at Donnelly Elementary, then he went to Montessori Academy and the last month we tried a trial month of homeschool.  It was a fragmented year.  We headed down for school and were separated from Ben for a month.  It's hard being migratory - the systems are just not set up to serve kids that move around. Clyde did fine, kids are resilient.  But it was hard on me and I felt like he fell through the cracks a bit.  

So, we did a trial month of homeschool in May and June.  It went pretty well.  So this fall we decided to take the plunge and try homeschooling them for the year. As of August 26, 2013, Alice is officially a Kindergartener and Clyde a First Grader.

We're what would be called "eclectic" homeschoolers.  I am using Five in a Row which is a literature study for the base of our program. We do math and reading in addition to that.  Mostly we just try to always be learning. Alice is already a great reader and Clyde is a good reader.  They are both quick and inquisitive.  It's great because we get to move around a lot, play games, spend time outside, and learn about things that interest them.

 Wouldn't you rather be here on a beautiful day than inside at a desk?

Clyde's quilted/appliqued rocket pillow.  He designed it, picked out the fabrics, helped cut it out, and ran the sewing machine for about half of it.  I love it!

They get a lot of free choice and we make it as fun as possible.

Clyde handstitched this spider pillow the week of Halloween.

I got them each a Kindle fire and they learned all their states playing "Stack the States" then we did extension activities like matching state quarters to a map.

For a book set in Italy, we picked out an Italian meal to cook.  Here is Alice helping with the dough for the carrot pappardelle.  Clyde harvested the carrots for it.

One day we walked and drove around the ranch looking for squares.

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